Corporate Finance Theory

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Prepare your IBD interview !

Corporate finance theory has 4 lessons. You will need approximately 12 hours to complete the course.

Please take notes !  your notes will be a reminder before an interview.


Course program

1/ Technical Part 1

–         Key financial statements & links between B/S, P&L, CFS

–         Valuation: FCFF, FCFE, DCF, trading comps, public comps, WACC

–         Consolidation Methods, Bridge, EV, EqV, Associates, Minority Interests, Pensions, Capital Lease, Add-backs

–         Usual technical questions for interview


2/ Technical Part II

–         Accretion / Dilution Case Study

–         LBO method

–         Paper LBO


3/ Technical Part – III

– M&A Case study and Private Equity case study  coming from a classic interview with correction


4/ Technical Part – IV

–        Technical Case study for interview in Corporate Finance

–        Final Quizz with correction

In order to assimilate all the information, be steady in your revision. We advise you to watch, at least, one lesson every weeks. You should revise all your notes before an interview.

Our course will initiate you to an interview preparation during 12 hours. You will access to a private forum and articles linked to the subject. Before starting a lesson, you must study the lesson materials. This extra documents will complete the course. Do not hesitate to share your own experience on the forum!

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