Market Theory

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Do not waste your time reading old books when we can summarise for you the most important information.This is your opportunity to get ready for your technical interview!

This course is divided into 4 lessons with 4 video – Estimation 7H15 for the course and at least the double as personal work.

1/ MARKET I  – 2h30

-Introduction to different asset classes and basic derivatives

-Option pricing

-Option trading strategies

-Hedging & Greeks

-Exotic Options & Structured Products


-Fixed Income portfolio management

2/ MARKET II –  2h45

– Pricing Models

– Options Properties

– Volatility

3/ MARKET III – 2h

– Greeks & Hedging

– Exotic Options

– Fixed Income & Credit Derivatives

In order to assimilate all the information, be steady in your revision. We advise you to watch, at least, one lesson every weeks. You should revise all your notes before an interview.

Our course will initiate you to an interview preparation during 7 hours and 15 minutes .You will access to a private forum and articles linked to the subject. Before starting a lesson, you must study the lesson materials. This extra documents will complete the course. Do not hesitate to share your own experience!

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