1. Download on your smartphone the application “Google Authenticator”.

2. You will receive a mail to configure your password. Please copy your password on a word document before reinitialize it.

3. On the login page complete “login” and “password” with your news password. WARNING ! Let empty the “Google Authenticator” case for the first connexion.

4. Now click on

5. Section “Settings Google Authenticator”, click on “Generate a Key”

6.  You will see a secret key, please write the key and the recuperation code on a document and save it. This key will be useful if you change your device)

7. Click on see “Get the QR Code”.

8.  With your mobile application Google Authenticator, click on “Set Up an account” then” Scan Barcode”.

9.  Scan the QR code with the app

10. Google Authenticator is now generating a password every minutes, this code will be ask each time you want to log in.

11. Log out from your account connect  and log in at  a next password will be ask under your secret password, use your google authenticator password on the application.